Dr. Frank Krumeich





Abitur at the Wolfgang-Ernst-Gymnasium in Büdingen

1980 - 1985

Study of Chemistry at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen

1986 - 1990 Diploma and doctoral thesis in the group of R. Gruehn: synthesis (mainly by chemical transport reactions) and structural characterisation (by HRTEM and X-ray diffraction) of new ternary and quaternary niobium oxide phases


Postdoctoral Positions

Oct. 1990 - Sep. 1995 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Festkörperanalytik (work group solid state analysis) at the University of Bonn (M. Jansen, W. Mader)
Oct. 1995 - Dec. 1996 Institut für Angewandte Chemie ACA (Institute of Applied Chemistry) Berlin-Adlershof e.V. (U. Steinike)
Jan. 1997 - Mar. 1998 Institute of Solid State Physics at the ETH Zurich (H.-U. Nissen)
since Apr. 1998 Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry at the ETH Zurich (R. Nesper, M. Kovalenko)

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