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Nano Oxides

Flame-Made Nano Oxides

An access to oxide nanoparticles is the synthesis by oxidizing organic precurors in a flame reactor. Composite nanoparticles and coated nanoparticles can be obtained by co-precipitation of two oxides in a co-flow diffusion flame (for detailed information, see PTL) [1-3].

Silica-coated Fe2O3 nanoparticles.

Nano Oxides with Anisotropic Morphology

In various systems, it is of interest to synthesize oxides with a well-developed, anisotropic morphology since this may generate promising novel materials with unusual chemical and physical properties [4].

Monodispersed Iron Oxide Colloids

Hematite particles with a disk-like shape are accessible by hydrolysis of a hexanuclear iron-polyolate complex and subsequent hydrothermal treatment. Small plate-like crystallites are almost perfectly aligned in the a-b plane [5].

Molybdenum Oxide Nanorods

Fibrous MoO3 can easily be obtained from yellow molybdic acid (MoO3 . 2H2O) by hydrothermal treatment in acids, e.g., acidic acid. The product exclusively consists of MoO3 nanorods with a average diameter of 100-150 nm and a length of some micrometer [6].

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